Tips for a Successful Road Trip

Planning a road trip? No matter the length of your trip (short or long) there are lots of things to consider so that your trip is a success. Even picking your destination might sound easy but research is needed before you say yes. Here are X tips for a successful road trip. 


Of course knowing your road trip destination should be one of the first things you think about and decide on. Maybe you start a road trip bucket list and research each location based on time of year, activities, travel time or just because you've always wanted to go. Once you choose your destination, check out your driving route options. This will help you decide on how many days you will need for your trip and best times to leave. You might discover there is construction on your original route while doing this too. And don't forget about gas stations, rest stops and the distance between these important things while your drive. 

Consider Budget 

This one can either be decided up front or decided after you have picked your destination, activities and where to stay. Don't forget to include stops along the way. A road trip means you can take in attractions and activities in different town on or close to your original route. An idea of how much you want to spend in total before you continue planning also works so you know what types of things to skip for this trip. Remember to include food costs as well. This is one thing that can certainly blow your budget particularly if you are traveling as a family. 

Book Ahead 

Book your accommodations even if you are considering camping (think campsite parking and fees). Book your activities ahead of time including signing up for any discounts that may be available during the time of year you are traveling. If you are planning your trip for months out, a way to lower your immediate costs during your road trip is to pay for things well ahead of time so that you are spending money in smaller increments. Things like amusement parks, tours, museums all fall into this category. 

Download and Update Apps 

Using a GPS, travel app or companion apps for video and music? Make sure to update all of your apps and download any you will need ahead of time. 

Map It 

Sure we live in a world of technology but grab a paper map too. If you are travel through remote towns, you may not have a cell phone signal. But even if you never lose your signal, a paper map is a fun way to mark out your trip. You can even frame it as a keepsake once your trip is over. Kids will love this idea. 

Snacks and Water 

Have snacks and water on hand and even some stashed in your trunk. Keeping this things on hand not only helps to reduce stops but will also come in handy in case you get lost or your car breaks down. 


Get your car checked out before you hit the road. From your tires, brakes, heating, cooling and oil. This applies for even short road trips. 

Have Fun 

Plan but remember to have fun and maybe even deviate from your plan. It's a road trip, enjoy it.
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