How to make the best snack bag for the road

If you are traveling or just going to and from activities it is important to have a snack bag. It cuts down on stopping at the gas station or convenience store and saves you money because you can buy in multiple quantities. You can also make your own packs or mixes using plastic zip top bags. After a long day at school or after an activity your kids are famished. They want a snack and it is easy to give them something healthy vs. stopping at a store that sells candy. When you are in the car on a road trip you make multiple stops, don't pay two dollars per person for a snack at the gas station when you fill up. That adds up really fast. By doing it yourself you will save a ton of money, and have better snack choices. When I was little traveling in the car food was very important to me. You don't have the luxury of a kitchen where you can have whatever you want for snacks unless you pack your own bag. You can also keep this bag in your car for a long time as long as you consume the perishable things in a timely manner. Most of the bag will be fine to stay in the car until it is time to fill it back up.

Here are some delicious suggestions:

Cups of applesauce don't forget the spoon, or they can drink the applesauce.

Fruit Puree Pouches are great for adding extra nutrients and they are fun to drink too.

Granola bars in different varieties, you can get a box of ten for a couple bucks.

Ritz or Saltine Crackers which are great for when your child starts to feel car sick.

Fruit snacks or Fruit leather, did you know you can even make your own fruit leather?

Cereal Mixes are great for breakfasts on the road, especially when you have a picky eater who doesn't like fast food breakfast. Just mix their favorite cereals in a bag.

Chips in limited quantities in a plastic bag is cheaper than buying them at the gas station where you are paying for mostly air.

Snack or Fun Sized Candy Bars or Candies are a little treat great to curb that little sweet tooth.

Popcorn is a cheap and delicious snack to bring, just remember to give it only to older children.

Don't forget to pack fruit, it is a great healthy snack. Just remember to eat it before it goes bad.

What are some of your favorite things to have in your car snack bag.

Author Note: Sheila is the owner/editor of the popular blog SheilaCakes. A blog that covers everything from parenting, to family travel tips. Follow her blog to learn more helpful tips for the Holiday Season.

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